#1 Policy Development
  • Use information from sources such as the Understanding the Early Years Project and other early childhood research and practices to inform policy development and planning and to develop early childhood development initiatives based on identified needs, gaps in services, and best practices.
  • Identify and work to promote re-alignment of existing services to meet the needs of all but especially high risk prenatal women, preschool children and their families, to avoid duplication of services and to fill in gaps in services.
  • Develop inclusive processes, involving all relevant agencies and organizations, to plan, develop, implement, and track early childhood development activities.
  • Provide input and support in resolving ongoing program implementation issues.
#2 Leadership/Awareness
  • Provide intersectoral leadership to early childhood initiatives in Prince Albert and area.
  • Act as leaders to encourage increased financial support for and attention to early childhood development at all levels, including Prince Albert, the surrounding region and province.
  • Through Community Awareness efforts, share the message of the importance of the early years in helping children to reach their potential.   This in turn will help to prevent and reduce social issues such as poverty, low education outcomes, gang activity, disability, mental health issues, addiction, and involvement with the justice system.
#3 Support and Information Sharing
  • Support members and partner agencies by sharing information about best practices in the area of early childhood.
  • Encourage and support initiatives that improve program standards and practice such as program evaluation, respect for client privacy and program accountability.
  • Provide a forum for member agencies to share initiatives, resources, training and professional development events and information relevant to the community regarding early childhood.
#4 Participation
  • Participate in common events and activities hosted by the Prince Albert Early Childhood Council and other relevant events in our community.